Most common errors in using IVR system

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IVR system is an effective way to maximize call center efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Using IVR to interact with customers can reduce the number of waiting calls in the queue. At the same time, IVR allows customers to solve their problems faster, which helps with many things, including customer retention, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately increasing revenue. We’ve talked earlier about IVR and its benefits for businesses.

But businesses may unknowingly make mistakes in using this system that have a negative effect. A weak IVR system can confuse or frustrate customers, and most customers will no longer use the company’s services and products after experiencing poor support. In this article, we are going to mention some of the problems of IVR system.

Considering the number of calls in many companies, call center software and automated answering systems are essential to help manage calls and employee needs as well as increase customer satisfaction. Here are some mistakes you should never make when using an IVR system:

۱٫ Lots of menu options

One of the main advantages of IVR is that it allows customers to solve their questions faster. The IVR should be designed to avoid giving too much information to callers or prolonging the time to provide the necessary information. As a general rule, main menu options should be limited to about 5 options, and each quick response should provide callers with only the necessary information.

۲٫ Poor organization of information

Another problem with IVR systems is that the options are not organized properly. For example, if the sales department has the highest number of incoming calls, it needs to be placed in the IVR menu before other departments to reduce the waiting time for the caller to be redirected to the desired submenu.

۳٫ Low quality recorded menu

The IVR menu is fully customizable for any brand and business. With this feature you can record your voice and set the IVR menu. The important point is that be sure to record the items using an expert and in a suitable environment so that the quality of the recorded menu is high.

۴٫ Duplicate waiting message or music

What could be worse than waiting in line? Make sure that waiting music, ads, and messages such as “Your call is important to us” are not repeated over and over again. At the same time, you reassure customers that their call is in the call queue and they will be connected to the relevant unit soon.

۵٫ No call-back options

If your automated system is not able to solve the customer problem and at that time it is not possible to connect the call to the relevant operator that can handle this issue, this system should provide a way for customers to contact them later.

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۶٫ Lack of customizing calls

Another mistake in using the IVR system is to use the system’s default sounds and music. Every business needs to customize its IVR menu and create a brand image in the minds of customers.

۷٫ Different recorded sounds

In order for the IVR system to be consistent and uniform, the audio recording must be done by one person and, if possible, use the same equipment for each recording. Hearing different sounds with different qualities when directing a call on an IVR can be very annoying.

۸٫ Limited hours of service

If your company support system is such that you are only responsive during working days and hours, it is better to set up your voicemail system to address this at the beginning of calls. It is annoying for the caller to spend time selecting an option from the automatic menu and eventually being told to call during working hours.

۹٫ Redirect the customer to the website

If customers have decided to contact your company by phone, the best way for more information is not to ask them visit your website. Because they have chosen to call you from different ways of communication with you. Consequently, inviting them to visit the website is a kind of disregard for their request.

۱۰٫ No announcement of waiting time

When you need to put customers on standby or in the call queue, let them know about the waiting time so they can manage their time accordingly. Of course, be careful not to repeat it too much, reminding customers every 30 seconds that they will have to wait another 15 minutes is not the right thing to do.

۱۱٫ Fully automatic response system

Although you rely on automation and autoresponder strategies to address customer questions and concerns, it is recommended that you balance your customer calls with an 80% automated and 20% direct call solution. As a result, many customer problems and questions will be resolved through the automated menu, and if necessary, they will be connected to the relevant expert and will have a live conversation.

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