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Nexfon Pro

Nexfon pro is the first cloud-based phone system in Iran. This service is based on Hosted PBX which means that using nexfon pro doesn’t need a server or any types of equipment and businesses can access their calls through the Internet. The configuration and management of this system are very simple and things like defining and assigning extensions, call management, call queuing, and in general the settings that a VoIP service needs are done easily through a web-based panel.

Hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system solution entirely handled by a third-party service provider. Unlike traditional PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, which requires a large investment and ongoing maintenance and training, hosted PBX is a cloud-based PBX system accessible via an IP network. Rather than being responsible for hardware, software, training, maintenance, etc., the hosted PBX provider takes care of them all. The service is being implemented quickly, so Hosted PBX system is becoming popular as a fixed phone service for small and medium-sized companies. 

This technology is popular among startups, small and medium-sized businesses since it requires new and up-to-date communication solutions that can adapt to the numerous changes of these organizations and their limited budgets. One of the most important features of Nexfon Pro is the reduction of call costs and equipment. The benefits of the service are not limited to cost reduction, but because of the ability to expand and scale quickly and easily, the system can adapt to an organization’s ever-changing needs. Nexfon Pro solution eliminates all the geographical obstacles by supporting web panels and mobile applications. Therefore, users can communicate with their customers and partners all around the world using this solution.

The Advantages of Nexfon Pro 

کاهش هزینه 70% نکسفون

 Reduce cost up to 70%

By using Nexfon Pro, not only your organization benefit from better and more professional features and services but also your organization’s communication costs will be reduced up to 70%. This cost reduction is due to the following reasons:

  •  No hardware and server needed and no maintenance costs
  •  Reduced costs up to 60% compared to the tariffs charged by the Telecommunication Company of Iran
  •  Free calls between business branches around the country
  •  Free installation

Access with all types of communication devices

Active and permanent accountability is one of the pillars of survival and sustainability of today’s organizations. Nexfon Pro has made it possible for all employees to access their business phone anywhere, anytime, with all types of communication devices, including mobile, desktop, or IP Phone.

This feature will be very useful for organizations with teleworking, in-person sales, and those with branches across the country.

نکسفون تلفن ابری voip
کاهش هزینه 70% با نکسفون

Extendibility and real-time update capability

The growth rate of a business (especially startups)  is not accurately predictable in the short term. The Nexfon Pro phone service is very scalable. You as a business owner are able to add or remove extension whenever needed based on the progress or lost in your company. These changes are made with a few clicks and there is no need to pay extra money for each service.

Nexfon relocation services are also free and all the fixed phone numbers will be trasferred to the new location without any costs.

Numerous extra features

Nexfon pro unifies the organization’s communication with numerous extra features. An important point about this service is that the communication information such as phone calls, chat, fax, and file sharing is accessible and manageable through a reliable platform that will increase the businesses efficiency.

Nexfon with all in one service, in addition to reducing costs, also unifies organization data and reports.

امکانات متعدد نکسفون

Administrator Features of Nexfon pro

Users Features of Nexfon pro

Conversation Tools and Methods to Use Nexfon Pro Service

ای پی فون نکسفون

IP Phone

IP phones are capable of receiving analog audio and converting it over the network platform and vice versa. Due to the use of different codecs, the sound quality and transparency are very high.  

ای پی فون نکسفون

Nexfon Application

Nexfon application is designed and used for individual and group calls via mobile phones. This app is available to use on both iOS and Android operating systems.

پنل وب نکسفون

Web Panel (Fusion)

This panel is the most complete tool to use services. There is no need to download and install the app or any extra drives. Communication is possible with a headset and you can use all the features provided for users.

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