For the first time in the country, according to different organizations’ needs and characteristics, Respina has offered two Pro and Prime solutions. The Prime solution is suitable for organizations that already have VoIP servers and equipment that only seek to improve the quality of their calls and reduce costs. On the other hand, the Pro solution is suitable for organizations that are reluctant to purchase servers and equipment and want to outsource all the technical and specialized aspects of their service.They look for an all-in-one solution for their enterprise phone service.

The Prime solution is suitable for organizations that already have equipment and servers and VoIP specialists. So all servers are on the same side, with the configuration and maintenance of the subscriber itself, and Nexfon will be in charge of network calls. But Pro solution is suitable for organizations that are reluctant to purchase or maintain servers and equipment, and as a result, all servers will be maintained  by Nexfon. In other words, Pro solution is cloud-based and the user can use their corporate phone from anywhere in the country with a proper internet.

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Unlike other VoIP services, Nexfon offers two solutions to suit the needs of organizations. The main advantage of the Nexfon Pro solution is that it is the first cloud-based phone service in Iran and therefore does not require any equipment and servers and can access the corporate phone in addition to the IP phones, through the web panel and application in all parts of the country. The Nexfon Prime solution also offers lower call costs and much higher quality than other services.

Unlike other corporate phone services, Nexfon provides organizations with much lower costs than traditional methods. It’s also much easier and faster to extend than traditional corporate phone services. In addition to this solution, Nexfon Pro does not require any hardware installation and commissioning, and it is the responsibility of Respina Company to maintain it.

SIP Trunk is a protocol for making calls over the network. Trunk is also referred to as a communication through which more than one conversation is established. It is a telephony service technology that makes it possible to send and receive simultaneous calls over a network using IP. The SIP Trunk occurs between two call centers and is in fact the capacity for more than one simultaneous call between a shared VoIP server and the switches of the service provider. Nexfon Prime solution is based on SIP Trunk technology.

Hosted PBX is a network-based call center hosted by a VoIP service provider. Because this solution is based on Cloud technology, access to this call center requires an internet connection but does not require any hardware or software. Unlike traditional PBXs, which require extensive investment, maintenance, and ongoing training, all maintenance of this service is the responsibility of the Hosted PBX service, so the subscriber will not be charged for the purchase or maintenance of the equipment. The Nexfon Pro solution is based on Hosted PBX technology.

Nexfon covers all provinces and cities in Iran with two numbers of 094260 for the whole country and 9107 for Tehran province.

Yes, using the ATA device makes it possible to connect the regular phone to the VoIP server. To find out more about purchasing an ATA device our partners at Nexfon will guide you. You can call 02191077777 for this purpose.

You can use 094260 head number in the whole country but the provincial number is dedicated to each province. For example, 9107 can be used only in Tehran province.

If the organization legally purchases the Nexfon service, it must disclose all of the company’s registrant information to its sales expert.

The tariff of each header is visible on the Pro and Prime Solutions pages. The Nexfon tariff is up to 60% below the existing call rates. You can also pay for the bill through the Nexfon Web Panel, which will be available after you purchase the service.

The Nexfon Pro solution can connect to different CRMs. For this purpose, the Nexfon API is provided to the organization.