Nexfon Prime

Nexfon Prime

Nexfon Prime is an organizational fixed-line service based on the SIP Trunk technology. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is simply a protocol to communicate through the network. A trunk is a connection that makes more than one conversation possible at the same time. SIP Trunk enables sending and receiving concurrent calls on an internal network.

This service is the best choice for many organizations that want to take advantage of internet-based phones. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and the ability to combine voice and data, results in the integrity of data within an organization and consequently results in better management. The advantages of the SIP Trunk phone service compared to traditional methods such as sustainability, cost reduction, scalability, and flexibility made this solution a business communication strategy.

Nexfon Prime is a scalable service by which the phone numbers or the features will not change in case of the expansion or relocation of the organization’s main site and is the best alternative to traditional phone lines for expanding corporate phone service and adding new services without any sophisticated equipment. In fact, Nexfon Prime is a telephone line that Respina provides to the organizations that are already equipped with their PBX equipment and VoIP specialists within their organization, through which they can increase the capacity and quality of calls and reduction in costs.

The Advantages of Nexfon Prime

کاهش هزینه 70% نکسفون

 Reduce cost up to 60%  

Nexfon Prime service Reduces costs by up to 60% compared to the tariffs charged by the Telecommunication Company of Iran. In addition, the cost of nexfon to nexfon calling is also free.  Therefore, using this service will reduce the current costs of the phone calls in your organization.

Also, all calls between different branches of business and within the organization with remote workers and in-person vendors throughout the country are free, which will reduce many of the organization’s telephone costs.

Increasing quality and security

Nexfon Prime provides HD voice calls that are better in quality and more stable than the traditional phone lines. Since Nexfon Prime is only offered to organizations using Respina Internet, its stability and security will be guaranteed by Respina Company.

Also, The technical support team is ready to respond to customer problems 24/7. Therefore, customers can focus on their core business and business purpose without worrying about the sustainability of its phone service.

کیفیت hd نکسفون
مالکیت دائمی و جابه‌جایی آسان

Permanent ownership and easy relocation

One of the problems with traditional phone lines is the geographical limitations of these lines. Changing the organization location will cost a lot, since the organization has to change its phone number.

By using the Nexfon Prime service, the geographical limitations will be removed and you can easily and freely transfer your company’s phone lines and make sure your business phone number won’t change.

 Features of Nexfon Prime

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Nexfon Tariffs

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