Nexfon (business phone service), is a comprehensive internet-based telephone (VoIP) service that is built on Respina’s vast and secure infrastructure. Voice over internet protocols refers to technologies that utilize the Internet for unified communications. In other words, this solution makes a phone call over the IP network instead of the traditional copper lines or PSTNs.

VoIP service reduces a large part of the organization’s communication costs and has many features such as scalability, easy mobility and unification of all communication tools.

Nexfon offers the latest VoIP technology with two solutions based on Hosted PBX (Nexfon Pro) and SIP Trunk (Nexfon Prime) for a variety of businesses according to their different needs and features.

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Nexfon Pro is the first cloud-based phone system in Iran. This service is based on Hosted PBX that does not need server and equipment, which significantly reduces the current cost of phone service in the organization and provides more benefits than traditional phone services.

Nexfon Pro solution is accessible and manageable through an absolutely reliable platform with multiple access levels installed on personal computers, softphone and Nexfon application, so it is available anywhere and anytime. Nexfon Pro solution is currently the most comprehensive and flexible solution for enterprise landline phone service and offered to small and medium-sized businesses.

Nexfon Prime is an enterprise fixed-line service based on the SIP Trunk technology. SIP Trunk can be described as a telephone service allowing unlimited telephone conversations using an IP network. SIP Trunk technology allows companies to buy as many lines or phone numbers as they want, unlike older-generation digital lines.

Nexfon Prime is recommended for organizations and companies that are already equipped with their PBX equipment and VoIP specialists within their organization, through which they can increase the capacity and quality of calls and reduction in costs. The service is an up-to-date corporate landline phone for unified enterprise communications, unlimited concurrent calls and removing geographical constraints.