What is online fax and what are its features?

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With the advancement of technology and the increasing popularity and efficiency of the Internet among the people, almost everything is moving towards the Internet and cloud services. Because cloud-based services are very economical and cost-effective, it eliminates the need for businesses to buy expensive equipment and hardware, as well as hiring experts in each field. Online fax is one of the cloud-based services that is increasing in number day by day.

In this article, we are going to introduce this service and briefly explain some of its features.

What is Online Fax?

Internet fax (online or cloud-based fax) is a technology that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) to send and receive faxes online. Therefore, instead of using fax machines or fax servers that require a telephone and landline network, IP is used for transmission, and users can access their fax from almost any device with an Internet connection.

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You can easily access this fax system using smart devices and computers. You do not need a traditional fax machine at all and you can send and receive your faxes via the Internet using modern technology. Instead of sending bit codes to the telephone line, online fax sends images of documents over the Internet.

Web Fax, Mobile Fax, Email Fax and API Fax are some of the different ways to use Internet fax to send and receive documents online. Depending on your online fax service provider, some of these tools and services may be offered to you.

Online Fax Features

In the following, we will introduce some important features of this internet service to you.

  • Easy access

One of the most important features of Internet fax is its easy access. People can receive or send faxes with their mobile phone or computer at any time and place just by connecting to the Internet. In other words, due to the cloud feature of this service, there is no need for hardware and equipment and this service can be used via the Internet.

  • Save time and money

As we said before, online fax is based on the Internet and the cloud, and you can easily use its services without the need for expensive equipment and hardware and hiring IT experts. As a result, in addition to cost savings, time is also saved. Because there is no need for specialists to install, operate and maintain the fax machine.

  • Save space

With the elimination of large traditional fax machines, there is no need to allocate physical space for this service. As a result, businesses, especially startups, can use fax service without the need for a lot of space. Also, today with virtual offices, many small businesses may not have a physical office, but they can access the fax using the Internet.

  • High order and organization

Using the Internet and removing paper not only saves the environment, but also increases the order and organization of your documents. Electronic documents are organized into files on a regular basis and can be easily accessed. Internet fax allows you to easily save all your incoming and outgoing faxes online. So, if you are looking for a specific file or fax, you can simply access your fax on your tablet or mobile phone instead of searching through the papers.

  • High security and credibility

Security is one of the biggest concerns of any business today. Internet fax is encrypted, meaning you automatically add a layer of security to your fax and document control activities. Also, cloud storage space is more secure than traditional lockers used to store documents. Although most of them are locked, with a little force, they can be easily broken. However, it is much more difficult to penetrate the layers of cloud security.

Also, traditional fax machines are prone to breakdown and disconnection. While the online fax service, if the Internet is active, sends and receives faxes without any problems and has more credibility than the traditional method.

  • Support various formats

With online fax, there is no need to worry about the format and type of files. Online fax companies support various formats such as PDF, DOC, DocX, JPG and more. As a result, you can easily fax files in different formats individually or in groups.

As the first cloud-based enterprise landline phone, Nexfon enables organizations to send and receive faxes. In fact, users of the Nexfon service will not need any expensive fax machines, and they can easily receive or send their faxes only through access to a stable Internet and using the Nexfon web panel.

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