How to use VoIP system to improve your marketing strategy?

چگونه می‌توان از سیستم VoIP برای بهبود استراتژی بازاریابی استفاده کرد؟

The popularity of VoIP technology is growing rapidly and many businesses have turned to this technology. In recent years, sales of VoIP systems have grown significantly and have become a stable communication system and a viable alternative to traditional telephone systems. With its benefits for businesses, VoIP system can also help improve your marketing strategy. In this article, we will look at the commercial benefits of VoIP and how to improve your marketing strategy using this system.

Benefits of Using a VoIP System for businesses

Many companies around the world choose VoIP as a way to communicate with their customers. VoIP is quick and easy to set up compared to telecommunication lines and is a cheap and easy option for businesses. VoIP is also suitable for companies that are constantly changing due to its high scalability and is easily configurable and customizable, which can save huge costs. Scalability of the VoIP means that you can make your changes to the system immediately, as VoIP does not depend on physical infrastructure or wires.

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How can a VoIP system enhance the marketing components of your organization?

There are many benefits using a VoIP, but how exactly can you use your VoIP phone system to improve your marketing strategy? The following are the benefits and features of VoIP to create better and more effective marketing strategies.

Increase customer satisfaction

A useful technology makes people’s lives easier. VoIP improves customer satisfaction by providing features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call queuing. these features allow customers to wait less time in the organization’s telephone queues and are quickly transferred to and responding to the relevant unit. VoIP manages all aspects of call handling, including incoming calls during non-business hours.

Utilizing a user-friendly and efficient VoIP creates a professional image of your business in the minds of customers. It also ensures a consistent and positive presence of your business in a competitive market. Having a fully integrated VoIP system offers a more effective way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Provide unified communications

Using VoIP allows you and your employees to communicate seamlessly with customers through in-house chat, voice and video calling, email, online fax, etc. Providing seamless communication can increase customer satisfaction because people are able to communicate easily with each other.

Reduce organizational costs and unlimited access

In a situation where many businesses have turned to telecommuting and hiring freelancers for a variety of reasons, it is imperative to use technology that facilitates communication. VoIP based on Hosted PBX technology is easily accessible via mobile phone or web panel, so employees can access their business calls from anywhere and with any device connected to the Internet.

VoIP call system tariffs are much lower than traditional telephones, and the cost of internal calls between branches is free. Hosted PBX-based VoIP phone systems do not require expensive equipment and servers because they are cloudy. As a result, the organization’s costs are significantly reduced.

Minimizing costs and increasing accessibility helps businesses grow. VoIP lets you connect with your customers and partners wherever you are. The only requirement for a VoIP system is an Internet connection.

Evaluate the success of advertising

Another very useful VoIP marketing feature is the ability to measure the success of any advertising campaign.

By creating different contact numbers for each campaign, you can easily track which ads were most successful and which of these calls led to sales by tracking the number of calls to each number. Considering the low cost of VoIP system and its many advantages, it is possible to understand the necessity of using VoIP phone system in any business.

Increase conversion rates with more interaction

Research shows that customer engagement offers a much higher conversion rate than an email campaign. This is not difficult to understand because people prefer to interact with humans. Sending emails to thousands of recipients may seem cost-effective, but there is no guarantee that all those emails will be read.

The VoIP system offers a low-cost way to contact customers across the country without the need for on-site equipment or line installation. The VoIP system also allows you to use local phone numbers to target specific markets anywhere in the country. Marketing can increase the conversion rate of your products or services by establishing a more personal relationship with the customer.

Improve the reliability of telephone lines

The growth of Wi-Fi and the availability of mobile internet indicate that landlines are rapidly becoming obsolete. As long as there is a fixed internet connection, VoIP is much more secure than landlines that are prone to abrupt disconnection. Reliability means better customer service and can be beneficial to you, both for new and existing customers of your business.

VoIP has demonstrated its ability to adapt to business visions and goals and is evolving day by day. Large and small businesses are turning to VoIP as a cost-effective and modern communication system, as the VoIP system offers effective solutions to improve marketing strategies.

Nexfon has introduced VoIP internet phone system to businesses with two solutions, Nexfon Prime and Nexfon Pro. Nexfon Prime based on SIP Trunk technology is the most suitable choice for businesses that are already equipped with Wi-Fi equipment and are looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their organization’s communication system. Nexfon Pro, on the other hand, is based on Hosted PBX technology and because it is cloud based, it is the best choice for small businesses and startups that want to enjoy all the services and features of a VoIP phone system without spending a lot of money.

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